Jersey Guys vs. State Troopers: Bad karma, dudes, bad karma

Originally published at the dead blog, Confessions of a Jersey Goddess, Friday, May 04, 2007. So, some of the links may not be zombified, just dead.

I sort of don’t know what to say about The Jersey Guys feud with New Jersey State Troopers and the troopers union official who publicly released one of the Jersey Guys’ personal address and contact information. I’m unsure of what to say because it’s The Jersey Guys we’re talking about of New Jersey 101.5 FM. These fellas aren’t known for being responsible when it comes to handling information or considering how the words that come out of their mouths will affect others’ lives and sometimes safety. So, maybe the release of Craig Carton’s home address is a case of karma or what goes around comes around. For you Sunday School alumni, that’s you reap what you sow.

It seems The Jersey Guys decided to inform the public that our “wonderful” state troopers were about to go on “a ticket-writing blitz,” according to a story at The Bridgewater Courier. Divulging this information, that the story says The Jersey Guys picked off trooper message boards, pissed off the troopers’ union.

Angered that a popular radio show drew attention to police message board posts calling for a ticket-writing blitz, the head of the state troopers’ union Thursday said the show had endangered police and showed television cameras the home address and license plate number of New Jersey 101.5 FM personality Craig Carton.

In a blistering news conference, state police union leader David Jones said more motorists have been confrontational during traffic stops since Carton, and then Gannett New Jersey newspapers, publicized the chatter about stepped-up ticket writing, which anonymous posters discussed on a password-protected message board for union members.

Jones opened his news conference by holding up a paper with Carton’s home information, which he held in front of him for the duration of his remarks.

“I’m going to release the names and addresses of these people and then their sponsors, and all of the car dealerships and everybody else that sponsors that show is going to have to deal with the reality that they’re putting public servants and the public in general in harm’s way, and I’m going to make sure that everybody knows, until they get their act together, who these people are, where they live, what they do and how it is that they’re misleading the public and creating this furor,” Jones said.

He later said he wanted to show that a host of the “Jersey Guys” lives in Pennsylvania. (From The Courier story)

How unJersey of one of The Jersey Guys to live in Pennsylvania. But yikes! Would you want your personal address released to the public if you spent part of your day insulting people publicly?

Before I go much farther, let me say that the state troopers deny that there’s a ticketing blitz. Jones, the guy from the union, says The Jersey Guys are exaggerating.

Furthermore, The Star Ledger reports that state police are investigating Jones’ alleged threat against The Jersey Guys. A state police spokesman also said that Jones was speaking on behalf of the union not on behalf of New Jersey State Troopers.

Per The Courier, Carton responded with the following:

My safety and more importantly the safety of my family is paramount to me, and I can not and will not allow them to be put in harm’s way because of the misguided rantings of a powerful police figure.

His safety and his family’s safety are important to him as they should be. I get that, but I wonder how much Carton considers the safety of others when he and his colleague Ray Rossi do their shock jock routine.

I bet if a few of the people of New Jersey who are of Latino and Mexican descent could’ve handed out one or both of The Jersey Guys’ personal information a few weeks back, someone would’ve done so. After all, didn’t The Jersey Guys in essence encourage ordinary citizens to harass private citizens of Latino and Mexican descent with their “La Cucha Gotcha” game? It was their version of “find the illegal alien” game, and they encouraged their faithful listeners to play. The game’s name alone suggests which group The Jersey Guys felt should be targeted.

The masses playing the game didn’t need to know your personal address to harass you. They just needed to notice you at work and find your skin coloring or your last name to be “unAmerican” and therefore suspect. It was okay with The Jersey Guys for people to be harassed and possibly endangered based on appearance and last name just a few weeks back.

The Art of Reckoning and The Jersey Guys

So, now the state troopers have a game for The Jersey Guys. We know it as “tit for tat; you kill my dog, I kill your cat.” In this case I guess we could say, “You put the troopers in danger, they put you in range of obsessed fans and psychopaths.” Ouch!

According to a recent episode of Numb3rs on CBS called “The Art of Reckoning,” using a Tit for Tat strategy when you want to get information from a prisoner can be very effective. In game theory it’s called equivocation and has to do with rational self-interest, “the prisoner’s dilemma.” Some folks say tit for tat is what we used in the Cold War to break Russia, but it can backfire if one party is extremely stubborn or possibly nuts.

Note for NonGeeks: “Game theory is a branch of mathematics that has many more important and far-reaching applications than the name may imply, such as in warfare and business.” (PDF source)

The state troopers aren’t trying to get information from The Jersey Guys in this case, but apparently they do think they’re at war. They also skipped the first step of the game, which is both parties, selfish agents, mimic cooperation. (Uh, maybe the troopers feel they were cooperating by not releasing Carton’s personal data sooner.) It seems the troopers want to teach those Jersey Guys a lesson now about putting troopers’ lives in danger by putting one of The Jersey Guys in danger. I guess the troopers hope The Jersey Guys will learn that it would be in their rational self-interest to not do that again! Or maybe Jones tends to over-react. What do we know about this guy?

Can you say lawsuit?

I don’t know if The Jersey Guys have grounds to sue, but this is pretty hairy, scary stuff here. Again, according to The Courier story, the chief operating officer of Millennium Radio New Jersey, Andrew Santoro, called for an investigation. The article also reports that Carton and Rossi walked off their radio show after Jones’ news conference revealing Carton’s personal data.

I agree that Jones, the union guy, is using intimidation tactics. I don’t condone what Jones did, and certainly knowing the reputation of Jersey State Troopers, that they’ve abused their power in the past, I’m not going to cheer one of their union reps on in what seems to be another example of power mania.

What if something happens to Carton’s family? Did his family do anything to deserve having their lives in danger if some obsessed fan decides to pay them a visit or more likely some angry listener?

Still, for The Jersey Guys this entire situation may be a case of what I already suggested, karma. As the old folks used to say, “You’ve made your bed; now lie in it!”

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