Concern for Baby Goddesses: The Baby Beyonce Conundrum

This post was originally published in 2006 at NJ Word.

I was checking my stats, an old habit I picked up from my cloak and dagger days back when my ex stalked me on the net. WOW! The things you learn. (I’ve since moved on. Hope he has too, but for tech ed espionage strategies, click here: Hide and go seek on the Net. No, no, young Skywalker! Come back from the dark side!)

As I was saying, someone hit my old Baby Beyonce page from a search engine yesterday. The person searched “”. I saw that and thought, How stupid of me! Of course! I do understand the concept of buying up hot domain names.

I stated in the AuthorsDen news item “Baby Beyonce?”, where I announced posting the clip that first hit the Net via email and later, why I retired it from my Cyberbottle site, that the Baby Beyonce video took on a life of its own complete with a call from the TV news show Inside Edition. If my small site got 100,000 hits in less than two months off the clip and is still getting hits, I know larger sites get more. Baby Beyonce is now a name worth having. But for what purpose? Evil or good?

That’s the question that Disney, which owns ABC that produces America’s Funniest Home Videos–the show that first introduced us to the little girl shaking her rump–but more importantly, that’s the question the little girl’s parents, should want answered. They should find out exactly who bought that domain name.

Both the .com and .net domains are gone. If not the Sony and Knowles organizations, acting in the interest of the adult singer, if not Disney, heading off a problem in the making, and if not the parents, protecting the little girl in the original video, then who’s snatched up these two potential gems?

The concern here is exploitation because while on the surface Baby Beyonce is very cute, and Knowles herself could probably look into doing a line of baby clothing or dolls, there’s an underbelly of activity around the Baby Beyonce video phenomena that’s maggot nasty. Wendy C. Thomas hit it squarely in her April 19 column in Memphis, TN, newspaper The Commercial Appeal. She titles the column “Video’s moves by toddler go overboard,” and says the following:

    Simply a child’s innocent imitation of a hot R&B star or a stripper in the making?

    After watching “Baby Beyonce,” a video clip circulating on the Internet, I fear it’s the latter. …

    This is not cute. There’s nothing to be celebrated when young girls pop it and shake it and drop it like it’s hot. These kids are either simulating sex moves or the moves that stimulate men to initiate sex.

    There was a time when if a child acted out in a sexual fashion, parents would worry that the child had been abused.

    Now proud moms and pops grab the video camera, and young girls learn that if they move their bodies, even in adult ways they don’t understand, they’ll get attention, applause and adulation.

    Nothing good can come from the sexualization of children, whether it’s Baby Beyonce videos, thongs made for preteen bodies or suggestive routines by high school cheerleaders.

After sharing her concern, Thomas holds fast to journalists’ credo and ends the column telling readers they can view the video at I went to the site and found that they’d taken the video down at Disney’s request.

I thought the video was cute when I first saw it on television, but then I’m not sexually aroused by babies. On the other hand, I do admit to posting certain videos to hear public opinion. This one amused me and I posted it before Thomas published her column. However, I did receive a note from the owner of BlackPlanet Dads expressing his distaste for the video. I didn’t get truly concerned until porn sites started linking to the Baby Beyonce page. Okay, that was enough of that for me. I retired the video.

The page is still up, but an animated rabbit has replaced the toddler. I’m sure someone out there is turned on by the rabbit. And I have a link to somebody else’s blog that’s still running the video. It’s up to Disney to tell them to “Cut that out!”

NOTE: This piece is crossover from Jersey Goddess. NJ Spoken Word also gets search engine hits for Baby Beyonce.

Tootles, y’all

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