We Don't Need to Give Attention to Solly Forell: He Will Get
All He Needs from the FBI and Secret Service

And who is Jay Martin? Another black guy tweeting on killing the president.
By Nordette N. Adams

Soloman "Solly" Forell, the conservative who has drawn attention to himself by tweeting that President Barack Obama should be assassinated describes himself as an "authentic African-American." His say-so is no proof of anything, but the fact is that some black conservatives strongly identify with white Republicans even to the point of exhibiting all the signs of internalized racism.

He tweeted: ""ASSASSINATION! America, we survived the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy. We'll surely get over a bullet 2 Barack Obama's head."

However, in this age of online liars, is Solly Forell who and what he says he is? We won't know until the Secret Service or the FBI releases his photo and other data, perhaps.

With conservative demonstrations against Health Care Reform on Saturday, March 20, at which some protesters yelled racial slurs and hetero-supremacist insults at members of congress, it seems only natural that some people would swoop down on Forell as an example of racists gone wild. However, Forell, despite his running on the right fringe, appears to be mostly an attention seeker who has let his need for the spotlight drive him to say something dangerously stupid.

See his blogger profile, which shows he has multiple blogs, and also his Google profile, which says he grew up in the eastern United States, attended school in North Carolina and is a "Sponsored Golfer at HWT Publishing." The profile seems to be self-hype:

Conservative Blogger and Fiction Writer Solly Forell was thrust onto the national stage when an obscure blog became viral online. Presently, Forell is completing a golf self-help book and regularly posting to several blogs including: Barack Obama was an American Electorate Mistake, One Time Talk & Sports After Hours. Projects also underway include a work of long fiction entitled 'The Organization' to be published under the author's given name. (from Forell's Google profile)

He may be an attention seeker, but for all his time seeking that attention, he's missed that with social medial others do watch you. Case in point, the "Should Obama Be Killed Poll?" on Facebook last year. Concerned citizens immediately informed the Secret Service.

Jay Martin
Jay Martin
In the meantime, we do know that Jay Martin, a young black man on Twitter, also tweeted assassination threats against Obama. He's facing arrest, and at Gawker Martin says he should have never said things like "Fuck You! You should be assassinated @BarackObama." on Twitter. Martin calls himself a "socially aware, Deep thinker, Artistic, Hip Hop Aficionado, free thinker, Funny Guy." He thinks it was a joke and wants America to take it as his letting off steam. He even thinks perhaps he'll build "street cred" with his crazy tweets.

Forell, like Martin, also thinks what he tweeted should be taken as a joke. From The Daily Finance:

Forell's threats were made Sunday morning -- and prompted an outcry. His response? "Attention Whining Liberals: No one wants to hurt the precious #EMPEROR. Stop your crying. The whole lot of you are a modern day joke. #tcot"

Forell's tweets used the Twitter "hashtag" of "#tcot" -- which stands for "top conservatives on twitter." That's a list of conservatives on Twitter. Using such a filter makes it easy to find tweets by anyone who uses that tag (#tcot, in this case) to search Twitter.

Hours later, perhaps realizing the severity of his comments, the blogger backtracked, posting, "Let us all renounce the harsh rhetoric about the POTUS [president of the U.S.]. Several, including myself, hv used inappropriate language. Let's remain civil! #tcot." (Daily Finance)

Yes, it's all very funny, right? Until the FBI and Secret Service come calling, until a president is murdered.

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© 2010 Nordette N. Adams, March 22, 2010

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