Added September 27, 2012.

Well, if Yahoo! search is going to send people to my page
looking for Samuel L. Jackson's video, "Wake the F**K Up!,"
which is sponsored by the Jewish Council for Education & Research,
then I might as well post
the video here. . . . WSATA.

Want more information about the video, then visit WTFU 2012's website.

WTF or what the hell will most likely be my boilerplate commentary when confronted with extreme right-wing propaganda, anticipated race-baiting, and other nonsense running wild during the 2012 political season. It's January and the air thickens with the smell of GOP desperation.

So, I've created this webpage as a stamp for co-signing the gasps of outrage at attacks on President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, the first daughters, and all sensible proposals for fairness and equity during this presidential campaign year. No way will I have time to discuss all the reports of insanity flowing in Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds.

Da, Da, Da

Please don't let me be misunderstood.

Thank you for listening.
Nordette Adams