Everybody Loves Rachel Dolezal

"Robert's Date" is the Season 3, Episode #15 in the old "Everybody Loves Raymond" situation comedy. After Raymond's brother Robert spends leisure time with his police partner, who is a black woman, he feels so accepted by her friends that he shows up at Raymond's house dressed in the kind of gold suit stereotypically associated with certain types of black men. He is also talking and behaving in a way unnatural to him and his family. He's acting more like he thinks black people talk and behave.

Later his parents show up and are disturbed by this drastic change. His father clearly thinks Robert is too foreign and may be rejecting him and his mother. It's not right, he says, and he begs Raymond to talk to him. Raymond thinks that what Robert is doing is no different than what happened when
Robert, as a boy, decided he wanted to be an astronaut and
ran around the house with a pot on his head.

The following video picks up after the parents have left. Robert gets a message from his partner that she wants to see him alone. The video has been changed to include social commentary related to the Rachel Dolezal controversy and how the show itself seems almost prescient with its portrayal of Robert's "fantastic voyage." Since the commentary offers critique flowing from the video, I hope Warner Brothers will not force me to explain my fair use of it in court.

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