Links to Articles by Nordette N. Adams
Human Interest and Features

DOE Internships: Could One Be Right for You?

13 Years of Lessons Since 9/11

Consider the Thistle and Find Your Way Home

Cemetery Gains Support for Historic Designation (PDF)

Augusta's Endangered Forest (PDF)

Chemedlin: Two Months in a Sierra Leone Prison (PDF)

Culture and Entertainment

So, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Walk into a Vegas Bar

On Julia Child, Emeril, and Growing Up in New Orleans

Is Justin Guarini Supposed to be a Prince Figure in Those Dr. Pepper Ads?

Ask a Slave Actress Faces History with Comic Flair

Apple's New Poetry-Pumped iPad Air Ad

Judy Smith: The Real Olivia Pope

Books and Writers

Jersey Grit Propels Steven Hart's Novel, We All Fall Down

J. K. Rowling Book Rejected at First: Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith

Toni Morrison: Bordered Off!

Louisiana Poet Laureate Julie Kane on Aligning Her Life with Poetry

Sapphire's Push: Merciless Honesty

Black Writers to Publisher's Weekly: What Were You Thinking?

Elizabeth Alexander's 'Praise Song for the Day' (Attack of the inaugural poem)

News and Politics

Why Hasn't a Woman Moderated a General Election Presidential Debate in 20 Years?

Move Forward Because the World Has Changed: President Obama's SOTU Address

Economics: John Maynard Keynes vs. Friedrich von Hayek

#NOLA, #Ferguson March and Rally

Terrilynn Monette's Case and Echoes of Mitrice Richardson

Raped at a Marriott in Front of Your Toddlers? Too Bad, Slacker.

Police Department Concludes Kasko Hearing; Ruling Not Expected Until Dec. (PDF)

Report Recommends $1.6-Million Bond Referendum for Athletic Fields (PDF)

Dunlap Trial for Stabbing Library Director Set for October 16 (PDF)

Oxford Dictionaries Agrees Usage Examples Should Not Be Political

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